Have you just brought a smartphone? Not sure which apps you are going to install on your phone. Here we have listed a few apps that you must have on your mobile.

Adobe apps:


Adobe has a wide range of useful apps used for various purposes. This includes photo editors, video editors, PDF readers, and other useful apps. These apps can make life easy for you.

CamScanner: CamScanner is the best document scanner app available to us. Using this app, you will be able to scan all kinds of documents into your phone and then convert them into PDF format. You will then be able to send those documents through email.

Microsoft apps:


Microsoft has been on top of its game with some of its latest app releases. Popular Microsoft apps include Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Authenticator, Microsoft Office Suite, etc.

Google Search: Google Search is one of the best apps from Google. You will be able to search for anything you want, and Google will provide you with the desired result. You will also be able to get news about the weather, sports, and various other events from the app.

Google Drive: Google Drive is another productive Android app that provides you with cloud storage and lets you take backups of all your videos and photos for free. You will have 15 GB of storage for free. You can increase the storage with a subscription.

Google Translate: Google Translate is another popular translation app available on multiple platforms. You will be able to use these translation apps to make translations accurately. It comes with several powerful features.

AirDroid: AirDroid is another really important feature that allows you to connect your Android device to your PC and vice versa. You will be able to share files and get locations directly through your PC once your device gets connected. It works on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.

IIFTTT: IIFTTT is another really important app that can be used to create commands to carry out daily tasks automatically. You will be able to turn on the light at your home and save images from Instagram automatically without any effort.

LastPass: LastPass is a password manager application. It lets you manage all your passwords to keep your phone secure all the time. You will also be able to use the app to save passwords of various accounts securely.

Reddit: Reddit is another app with tons of settings, information, and advice on almost all topics worldwide. You will also be able to acquire knowledge on your topics of interest.

Solid Explorer: Solid Explorer is a browser and a file manager that makes it easy for you to use your smartphone. You will be able to access cloud storage devices and also navigate your phone quickly using this app.

Tasker: Tasker will allow you to create automatic activities to perform various tasks. The app can do virtually anything. It has over 200 built-in actions, and you will also be able to create jobs on your own, making things convenient for you.



We all need to have some music in our lives, and YouTube is there for that purpose. It is the most popular app of recent times. It comes with a huge collection of videos, music, tutorials, lectures, lessons, and other videos.

Wi-Fi Analyser: Wi-Fi Analyser allows you to see your Wi-Fi connection and other connections in your region. You will be able to see whether your Wi-Fi is sharing a channel with another network or not. You will also be able to identify the Wi-Fi strength.

TickTick: TickTick is another useful app using which you can add your tasks and set reminders to do them. You will also set it up for daily things like making listings. It also comes with collaboration features.

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So, these are some of the most popular smartphone apps that you should have on your phone. Get these apps today itself and make life much easier for you.

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