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eSIM’s work smoothly the vast majority of the time

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eSIM Benefits – Why use a eSIM ?

A Digital Wireless SIM

No need to insert a Physical SIM Card in your Devices anymore. eSIM connects to your Phone Wirelessly.


Fast Delivery

Receive the eSIM configuration details in your Email or by SMS Fast


Easy Activation Process

Scan a QR Code and you’re Connected to the eSIM Network Quickly


STAR Rating


Frequently asked questions

What is an eSIM ?

An eSIM is a wireless “embedded SIM Card”, which is a virtual SIM card that can be downloaded directly into your Device by scanning a QR Code or Setting it up Manually in Phone or Device Cellular Settings.

Can I make phone calls and send SMS with eSIM?

The eSIM Product is only to access mobile data and to get access to internet. eSIM’S do not include a local phone number to make calls or sms. To Buy a Local Number Download our Telefeo App.

How do i install the eSIM Profile on Phone or Device?

You activate your eSIM easily by scanning the QR code on your smartphone recieved on your email.

How will my eSIM be delivered ?

Your eSIM will be delivered to the email address you provided when you purchase.

Is my device eSIM compatible ?

Most of the latest mobile devices support eSIM technology.

When does my data plan start?

Your plan starts the moment you activate your eSIM by scanning the QR code on your smartphone.

Can i use my SIM Card and my eSIM at same time?

Yes, it is possible to use physical sim and eSIM at the same time. Please make sure that your physical SIM card (with your local phone number) is set up as the default line for calls and sms. If you just want your eSIM for mobile data, select it as the default line for mobile data. 

Your Global eSIM Provider for

150+ Countries

Some fun facts about  eSIM.



Roam Abroad in 50+ Countries across the globe without having to worry about phone bills. Buy Telefeo eSIM with 1GB, 3GB, 5GB Data Packs when need it online.

24/7 Customer Service

Telefeo eSIM support team provides 24/7 Customer Service. We are always here to help you whenever you need help

No Contract Surf at Low Prices

Lower your roaming expenses with  prepaid eSIM data plan. All you need to do is to select the data plan I want. No more phone contract is involved.

Global Mobile Data Coverage.

Mobile Date wherever you go with eSIM. We connect you automatically to the best available networks with fast 4G and LTE Connections in 150+ Countries

Activate Your eSIM in 3 Steps

1. Check that your SmartPhone Supports eSIM

2. Order Your eSIM from our Website

3. Scan QR Code From Your Camera and Setup eSIM

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