Done-For-You eSIM’s On-Demand

Buy eSIM Data on Demand. Best eSIM for international travel & Nomad’s

Quick and easy set-up with full support from us for your privacy, so you don’t have to think about it.

How Telefeo Protects Your Personal Number

Whether you want to separate your phone lines, record calls for training, or just get a personal second phone number, Telefeo will do all that for you. Quick to install and easy to set-up within minutes.

Privacy Protection

Get a second number for any occasion that you don’t want to give your personal one. Keep your private number for your close friends and family.

Local or Toll Free Number

Choose from local or Toll Free Numbers, separate and control all of your calls and messages from one place. Get Canada Local Phone Number

eSIM Access

All-in-One eSIM Solutions, Data Plans available from 150+ Countries for Travellers & Digital Nomads

Automated System

100% Cloud technology gives you the ability to automate your voice messages to different lines, record conversations, separate incoming calls & Virtual Business Phone Number. All within a single app.

Extensions on Demand

Automatically route calls to the different departments of your business – Sales, Support, etc. Set-up in minutes and then let Telefeo take the call to the proper person.

Interactive Voice Response

Simple set-up of Interactive Voice Responses taking the callers to the right menus. Give your customers 24/7 access to information. Even when no one is around to pick up.

On-Demand, eSIM, Local and Toll-Free Numbers

Second Phone Number App for Businesses

Simply choose from our list of Local Number on sign up.

You can add any local phone number in the Canada on your Telefeo App.

Or Buy a 1-800 or 1-888 Toll-Free Number and make it easier for your customers to Call or Text you with our Virtual Business Phone Number App.

Second Phone Number App for iPhone

Stay Anonymous & Keep Your Privacy Protected

Virtual Second Phone Number App with Capabilities


Download our app and buy up to 5 phone numbers
Available on iOS & Android.

iPhone App for Second Phone Number

Simple & Intuitive Set-up.
Full Support From Our Team.

Get control over your personal life by having a number for close friends & family.
Never again get bothered during your private time.

Reduce the stress of constant calls and messages in the middle of the night from your clients or partners.

Keep a separate line for sites & services that require iPhone App for your Second Phone Number or getting unwanted telemarketing.



Get All The Features You Need, Personalized in Minutes for Your Business & Life


Quick Replies & Automations with a Pre-Made Auto Responses and Voice Messaging Routes


Keep All Calls & Messages Organized in Telefeo and Never Forget to Respond

We Have Experience

Since 2018 Telefeo is providing State-Of-The-Art Privacy Protection Software for Web, iOS, & Android.

Voicemail Personalization

Get your voicemail personalized with a custom message for different situations. Or even different callers. 

In-App Accessability

Ability to access your messages, missed calls, or Virtual Second Phone Number Provider from any device, anywhere with an internet connection.

second phone number line 2 app for android

Do Not Disturb Mode

Set your phone on DND Mode when you want to take some time off of business meetings while spending time with family

Manage Contacts

Manage business contacts, friends, and family on different lists. Set custom messages & modes for each group.



For Calling, Texting SMS


For Mobile DATA 150+ Destinations


High Quality Connectivity


A Virtual Phone System with on-demand phone numbers

Ratings and Reviews 4.7 out of 5

Good network quality and simple features makes it easy to use the app. You can find phone number of your choice easily

iOS User

I downloaded telefeo app as my house landline about 2 years ago. I never faced any glitch so far. We just faced once a call forwarding issue, which was fixed quickly by the company.

Android User

Telefeo Seperates your business and personal life and protects your personal number. Yes Telefeo does just that!”

iOS User

I think it's great that you offer a virtual second phone number app for people who want to manage their business contacts and personal texts. This is a great solution for people who don't want to use their personal phone for these tasks.

iOS User

Great cloud phone system I have come across so far with some incredible eye catching features. No setup fee, just sign up and choose your phone number of your choice.

iOS User

I think Telefeo is a great app for people who want to have a secondary number for their business without the hassle of changing their number. It's also great for people who are tired of spam calls, and want to have a second line for their personal life.

Android User

I love that Telefeo is a virtual phone number app for Android and iPhone. I've been using a second phone number for my business for a while now, and I love that Telefeo is a quick and easy solution to my problem.

iOS User

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