Telefeo is a Technology Company providing Telecommunication Services,  IoT Connectivity & Voice Over Ip (VOIP) based solutions through the development of its State-Of-The-Art Software and Applications.

Since 2018 we have offered our Customers and Businesses Affordable Virtual Phone Services and Second Phone Number for Business or Personal use​.

Telefeo App available on iOS, Android & Web is Fully Loaded with features such as Call, Text, MMS, IVR, VoiceMail, Recording, Call Forwarding & many more. With an expansive selection of Local and Toll-Free Phone Numbers from Telefeo, you can now manage multiple phone lines from one place.

We also provide eSIM for Mobile Data so you can be connected to the internet in 50+ eSIM Supported Countries on eSIM Supported Devices.

At Telefeo, our Goal is to deliver products and services, which will solve people’s everyday problems with the help of Technology & Connectivity.

For Phone Connection you first needed a Sim Card, now you just need Telefeo App

—  Telefeo Bot

Why Choose Telefeo App

Get control over your personal life by having a second phone number app for your business. Never again get bothered during your private time.

Ensure Professional Communications for your Business with our Phone System Telefeo App

Keep a separate number for sites & services that require your number or to avoid unwanted telemarketing.



Get All The Features of a Phone System in  the Telefeo App



Enjoy Crystal Clear Calls, Text & MMS with the Reliable and Smooth VoIP Technology


Manage Multiple Phone Lines without having to carry Multiple Phones with you


Telefeo Seperates your business and personal life and protects your personal number. Yes Telefeo does just that!”


John Morrison

I think it's great that you offer a virtual second phone number app for people who want to manage their business contacts and personal texts. This is a great solution for people who don't want to use their personal phone for these tasks.


iOS User

I think Telefeo is a great app for people who want to have a secondary number for their business without the hassle of changing their number. It's also great for people who are tired of spam calls, and want to have a second line for their personal life.


Android User

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