If you are looking for the best second phone number app for business, you have to come to the right place.

Telefeo App is the best second phone number app to manage your business efficiently.

Our app provides access to Local and Toll-Free Numbers from any City or Region in the USA and Canada to make High-Quality Calls & Messages like a Regular hardware business phone system.

What differentiates us is we have transformed the hardware phone system into a software app phone system to disrupt the telecom industry.

Get a Professional Call & Text Experience from our next-generation wireless application. You should signup as soon as possible as our plan starts from $5.99 only for a business phone number.

Manage 1 or more businesses Easily from one App by having a Unique Number for each business, and know exactly which business number or Line is getting the Incoming Call or Text Message.

Our phone number app comes with many advanced features like Forwarding, Voicemail, IVR

Telefeo also has Extension Feature for business – To Have Multiple Extensions – For Example Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support, or Press 9 to Talk to a Live Agent

I suggest please download the app now and sign up now if you really need a phone number from the United States and Canada for your business.


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