WiFi texting apps have revolutionized the way professionals stay connected and productive on the go. Whether you’re working remotely, traveling, or simply prefer the convenience of texting over phone calls and emails, these apps provide a seamless and efficient solution. In this blog post, we will explore the top five WiFi texting apps for business in 2023. From their features and benefits to their compatibility with different devices, we will help you choose the best app to enhance your professional communication and streamline your workflow. Stay connected, stay productive, and discover the power of WiFi texting for business.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a prominent WiFi texting app known for its reliability.

The standout feature of WhatsApp is its widespread use and strong security with end-to-end encryption for all chats.

Share multimedia files and voice messages conveniently within the app. Videos can be viewed directly or via links using WhatsApp’s built-in player.

With WhatsApp Business, you receive 1,000 free customer conversations. Additional interactions are charged based on session duration and initiation.

Collaborate through group chats accommodating up to 512 members.

While WhatsApp provides valuable features like unlimited texting and security, it lacks auto-replies and business app integrations. Furthermore, you can only communicate with other WhatsApp users.

Key features:

Secure texting
Voice and video calls
Multimedia sharing
Group chats

Free for up to 1,000 conversations; charges apply for additional interactions.


2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a free WiFi chat app designed for texting Facebook users.

This app mirrors most of WhatsApp’s features, including texting, calling, and sharing multimedia files.

However, a significant difference exists. WhatsApp requires phone numbers for texting, while Facebook Messenger exclusively caters to Facebook users. Notably, you don’t need to share your phone number like WhatsApp mandates.

Unfortunately, if your client lacks a Facebook account, this app isn’t useful. Additionally, team collaboration on client texts isn’t feasible.

Key features:

Unlimited texting
Multimedia sharing
Voice and video chat
Group messaging

Free with a Facebook account


3. Google Voice

Google Voice, a VoIP service by Google, provides both free and paid plans (limited to the US for free plans).

The free plan offers a US number for domestic and international calling and texting, with charges for international calls. The paid options include call forwarding and auto-attendant features based on the chosen plan. However, Google Voice falls short for business needs. It lacks business-friendly features like auto-replies and internal threads.

The Starter plan costs $10/month per user, but requires an additional Google Workspace subscription starting at $6/user per month.

Notably, Google Voice lacks integrations like Slack, CRM, and toll-free numbers, prompting consideration of alternatives.

Key features:

  • Free US number
  • Unlimited US calls
  • Unlimited texting (in select markets)
  • Voicemail transcripts


  • Starter: $10/user per month
  • Standard: $20/user per month
  • Premier: $30/user per month


4. Viber

Viber, similar to WhatsApp and Signal, is a free text app accessible across platforms. It offers unlimited texting, voice notes, and multimedia sharing. However, it lacks non-user texting, except through Viber for Business, which requires a complex setup involving messaging partners.

Viber provides a paid VoIP service called Viber Out, enabling calls to non-Viber users in 60 countries. Despite this, it doesn’t offer features like snippets, auto-replies, or integrations, essential for businesses.

Viber Out could be cost-effective for startups, but a more robust cloud-phone system is needed as your business expands.

Key features:

Unlimited calling and texting
Multimedia sharing
International calls
Viber Out for non-users

Viber: Free
Viber Out Call World: $5.99/month for unlimited minutes


5.Telefeo is perfect for individuals and businesses that want to make calls, send SMS, MMS, record calls, forward calls, have different departments, line extensions, multiple business numbers, toll-free numbers, voicemail, and a ton of additional new features.

Pricing (monthly billing):

Simple Pricing | Recharge on Demand

  • Both Plans Includes Minutes for Usage
  • For Additional Minutes Recharge Account with Standard Rates
  • (All prices are in USD and may be subject to taxes)

BASIC PLAN:  $15.00/ mo.

  • 1 One Local or Toll Free Number – USA / Canada
  • FREE $10.00 in Talktime Usage Balance Per Month
  • 200 SMS or 200 Minutes (Recharge as Needed)
  • Call Charges $0.05 per min USA/Canada (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • SMS Charge $0.05 per sms USA/Canada
  • Voicemail Charge $0.10 USA/Canada
  • Call Recording Charge $0.10 USA/Canada

PAY AS YOU GO: $5.99/ mo.

  • 1 Local or Toll-Free Number – USA/Canada
  • FREE $2.00 in Talktime Usage Balance Per Month
  • 30 SMS or 30 Minutes (Recharge as Needed)
  • Call Charges $0.05 per sec USA/Canada (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • SMS Charge $0.05 per sms  USA/Canada
  • Voicemail Charge $0.10 each USA/Canada
  • Call Recording Charge $0.10 each USA/Canada


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