Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telefeo ?

Telefeo is a Next-Generation Wireless App that lets you have local and toll-free phone number to make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages, set customized voicemail, set custom greetings etc. like a regular business phone system.

Where does Telefeo Work ?

Telefeo is a phone number app available to you anywhere in the world. We are a cloud-based virtual phone system. 

What Devices are Supported?

All smartphones and smart devices are supported. Download our phone number app for ios as well as android. You can use our service on a web browser as well.

How to Download Telefeo App ?

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What is the cost for this service?

Please visit this link to learn more about our service plans

Which Phone Numbers do you provide?

We have local phone numbers available for all major US & Canadian Cities. If you need a Toll-Free Number like 1-800, 1-844.1-888 we have an option for it as well.

How many Phone Numbers Can i Buy ?

You can buy up to 5 phone numbers on one account.

Support & Sales

24/7 Technical Support & Sales

+1 (844)-479-1022

[email protected]

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